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Optimizing Your SAP AFS Environment


The SAP Apparel and Footwear (AFS) solution forms the operational backbone of major fashion companies. But making sure that your AFS system is capable of meeting changing business requirements, remains efficient and provides you with critical business insights can be challenging. At attune, we have a proven track record of helping clients with their AFS initiatives and we’ve identified several key initiatives you could launch today to optimize the value of your AFS solution.


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Leverage SAP HANA® and Fiori based Solutions

SAP HANA® can add a new dimension of insight and capability to your AFS environment. You can run SAP HANA® as a sidecar (side-by-side) application to AFS, augment your BW capabilities and drive powerful analytical capabilities.

Couple it with the mobile and web capabilities of SAP Fiori, you can introduce applications that will help drive new efficiencies and insights.


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Introduce New Tools and add-ons

New tools and add-ons can help increase your productivity and boost transparency across the organization. These tools provide immediate impact on your bottom line by streamlining operations and providing up-to-date access to SAP AFS data. Here are some add-ons that you should consider:

Available to Sell

The Available to Sell (ATS) tool empowers salespeople and inventory managers with insight into current inventory and stock levels so they can make informed decisions regarding the availability of products.

Inventory managers gain a central view of both the demand and supply of a product, including an improved and user-friendly version of the AFS stock requirements list. Salespeople can book orders instantly in the system using an intuitive and simple order entry process. For times when prospects are not ready to order immediately, salespeople have the ability to print customized catalogues for prospective buyers that include key product details — product image, availability, size, and other ATS information.

Critical Path Manager

Designed to maximize the functionality and exceptional scalability of SAP AFS solution, the Critical Path Manager is a unifying element that enhances visibility, monitoring and control across the entire supply chain, helping companies effectively manage and respond to the continual flux that is inherent in today’s fast-paced manufacturing environments.

The Critical Path Manager provides the superior visibility needed for the efficient management of resources , exacting control of day-to-day operations and provides precise monitoring that ensures on-time, on-budget delivery of finished goods.

Master Data Accelerator

The Master Data Accelerator (MDA) is a single master data solution that streamlines the maintenance of product, pricing, supplier, vendor, and customer data within SAP AFS. The MDA automatically verifies all records and identifies any errors in data before it is uploaded to AFS, helping preserve the integrity of your data. A user-friendly interface with a familiar spreadsheet look and feel makes it easy for users to navigate the system.

The MDA tool interfaces with many of your existing systems, such as a PLM, or other legacy software solutions, and can easily upload data from those systems.

iDoc Cockpit

iDoc cockpit enables central maintenance of all iDocs, increasing the accuracy of data and the speed at which it is retrieved.

The iDock cockpit provides a user-friendly SAP interface to manage all inbound iDocs, while providing the capability to view all outbound iDocs. Preconfigured screens, tables, and fields offer quick and easy access and reduce the need for extensive training.

Vendor Portal

Web and mobile-based, the Vendor portal for WIP tracking brings the brand and its vendors onto a common ground. It provides the ability to monitor all pre-product related activities and analyze on-time performance of each responsible parties. It intuitively re-schedules dependent and successor activities based on changes to the original plan. In addition, the tool provides collaborative features such as chat and automated email alerts.

Graphical Planning Tool

The Graphical Planning Tool is a user-friendly accelerator that extends the interoperability of the SAP NetWeaver™ and Microsoft.NET™ development platforms. Completely integrated with the SAP Apparel and Footwear (SAP AFS)™ application, it establishes a bi-directional data flow that continually updates the manufacturer’s ERP system with the latest capacity planning data.

The result is a powerful process tool that heightens the overall control of manufacturing activities while positioning manufacturers to meet their customers’ exacting demands for on-time, on-budget delivery.

B2B E-commerce

A robust B2B e-commerce platform empowers customers and customer-facing employees to manage relationships and increase order size. The solution features web-based ordering, invoicing, logistics, and delivery management to quickly and accurately place orders. Virtual shopping carts with built-in sales-grid determination, size conversions, and SKU net-price calculators help customers find the right products.

It reduces the time required to enter preseason orders while enabling faster and more accurate planning. By streamlining the order process and reducing the manual effort associated with order processing, there are fewer mistakes and shipment errors, which translates into increased customer satisfaction.


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Run an AFS Health Check

The best way to ascertain how well your system is performing is to ask the people dependent upon either its processes or its outcomes, and statistically analyze the data.

  • Have your business processes changed?
  • Does the system meet the needs of your daily activities?
  • Are there integration needs with other systems?
  • Are there any legacy systems still in use and how can they be retired?
  • Could further training improve your utilization of the system?
  • Do you believe that you are utilizing all of the available functionality?
  • Does the system provide all of the information you need to do your job?

The output from this exercise will include a list of functional and process gaps, and system issues that can be used to identify opportunities to optimize your business processes.


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Upgrade to the latest version of AFS

Does the current release of your ERP system support your business model, your requirements, and your processes? Can it meet the new ways your company needs to work? As SAP continues to make investments in their ERP solution, upgrading your current system— rather than replacing it—presents a very smart option to take advantage of newer, more modern ways of conducting business.

One of the benefits of upgrading to a new release is that there is far greater functionality improvements, new functions and other enhancements that enable customers to get more out of their AFS systems to increase productivity and efficiency.

Especially if your business has grown over the past few years, it’s imperative that you consider upgrading the software. The latest versions of AFS usually make available cutting-edge features to help companies better handle complexities, respond more efficiently to new requirements and streamline cumbersome processes.


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SAP AFS Application Managed Services

With managed services, fashion companies are able to leverage a comprehensive framework of post-deployment services offered in a range of delivery models to efficiently and cost-effectively run global operations. This service is designed to manage everything from day-to-day operations and service desk capabilities, to more advanced applications management requiring specialized knowledge.

With 24/7 global support, attune can provide expertise across all areas of application infrastructure, network architecture, ongoing operations and performance management.

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