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personalized template of SAP S/4HANA For Fashion

Future Reference Solution

The Future Reference Solution is a fit-for-purpose SAP S/4HANA for Fashion solution, built to your business requirements with leading practice processes and high-level documentation.


Stores and boutiques

The Future Reference System illustrates how "fashion proven practices" can be mapped in SAP S/4HANA for Fashion solution.

A complete replatforming of an ERP solution is a daunting task for any company, often involving significant risks and unmanageable costs. To an extent, a POC helps resolve some of the uncertainties. However, it is non-reusable and the effort taken does little to mitigate potential risks.

To minimize the risk of an ERP rollout for fashion companies, attune's Future Reference Solution (FRS) is designed to provide fashion brands a re-usable, personalized template of SAP S/4HANA for Fashion, leveraging rapid deployment solution - attune Fashion Suite™. With this stand-alone pre-configured reference system, fashion brands are able to review desired future processes and build a better-defined Global High-Level Design Template to drive your ERP implementation.

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Customized with your data for an early understanding of SAP S/4HANA Fashion

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Level of Fit

Working template to test the viability of S/4HANA Fashion for your fashion brand

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Gap Analysis

Prioritizes high-level solution gap identification and analysis for the blueprint

Shapes ERP Scope

Shapes ERP Scope

Leverages attune Fashion Suite™ as a base to build and personalize a reference solution to a fashion company's unique requirements. This helps identify potential clusters for harmonization, and determine the future state of your SAP S/4HANA Fashion solution.

Drives Blueprint Planning

Drives Blueprint Planning

Fashion companies will see actual S/4HANA Fashion screens from the start of the program. This way, brands are equipped to start the blueprint phase with an enriched, better-defined template, supported by high-level documentation covering key areas such as "TO BE" business processes, enhancements and integrations.

Minimizes Risks

Minimizes Risks

Greatly minimizes the risk associated with ERP roll-outs by serving as a reference solution to demonstrate how SAP S/4HANA Fashion handles a brand’s business processes and provide insights into how new processes will impact the organization.

Delivers Best Practices

Delivers Best Practices

As the co-innovation partner of SAP Fashion Management and close collaborator of SAP S/4HANA Fashion, the Future Reference Solution (FRS) is a result of our leading practice methods and in-depth knowledge.

Why you need a Future Reference Solution

Pre-Built Template

Extends beyond a generic industry template by including fashion-specific business processes around seasonality, segmentation and order allocation.

S/4HANA Readiness

Utilizes attune Fashion Suite™ – bringing proven practice processes out of the box and keeps brands in line with SAP S/4HANA practices.

Reusable Template

Can be reused in the blueprint phase - increasing delivery quality, expediting the timeline and minimizing efforts during the entire course of the program.

End-to-end Processes

Templates includes end-to-end business processes along with RICEF’s and industry add-ons, which typically meets 50%-60% of a fashion brand's requirements.

Best Industry Practices

Utilizes fashion industry specific best practices across wholesale, retail and manufacturing to innovate continuously and deploy solutions faster.

Accelerated Approach

Supports an accelerated and templated “why not” approach, complete with business process/solution documentation and technical/functional documents.

Process Harmonization

Validates potential clusters for convergence or divergence for the development of reference process documents to be utilized in the blueprint phase.


Brand-specific data can be added to the Future Reference Solution, along with a brand's major in-scope processes to enhance validation in the subsequent phases.

Drives Quality

Drives the Global High-Level Design/Validation phase with a higher quality template, complete with prebuilt configurations, test cases and gap analysis.

Addresses Challenges

Process issues are addressed during the FRS program and prior to the Global Design phase to drive the adoption of a tailored SAP S/4HANA Fashion solution.


Helps to rapidly validate and adopt processes by documenting 'TO BE' business processes prior to the blueprint phase for less risk and lower cost.

Blueprint Preparation

All FRS material can be leveraged to plan, prepare and conduct the Blueprint, as integration points and detailed customization have already been identified.

Mitigates Risks

Adds lead time to address items that can impact scope/timeline, minimizing business interruption and accelerating resumption of daily operations.

Change Impact Screening

Provides an initial understanding of how proposed changes will impact the people, processes, and technology across various brands and departments of a fashion company.

User Adoption

Increases early adoption, and “grows” a group of super users who will be used as trainers for post-go-live support, eliminating the need for a separate phase of User Adoption Training.

Minimal Rework

Starts the blueprint phase with a high-level design template - saving significant time, cost and effort due to the legwork completed during the FRS phase.


Helps be more prepared with proven set of tools and methods, driving standardization across all units and brands for best-in-class design.

Solution Viability

An early understanding of S/4HANA Fashion helps assess the viability of the solution to meet a brand's unique global and local requirements, as well as challenges in the omnichannel world.


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