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SAP S/4HANA Manufacturing

Designed for Apparel, Footwear, Fashion and Accessory Companies to deliver
quality products faster with real-time visibility into manufacturing

Simplify Apparel, Footwear and Fashion Manufacturing Operations with Visibility, Mobility & Automation

Connect processes – from production to shelf and beyond with SAP S/4HANA for Fashion Manufacturing. In an era focused on continuous innovation and anticipating customer needs, SAP S/4HANA for Fashion Manufacturing delivers greater visibility across manufacturing, wholesale and retail businesses, helping you keep operations running at peak levels.

Respond to changing market demands rapidly, increase competitiveness with a flexible manufacturing and fulfillment network and deliver innovative, fully compliant products on time and with higher quality. Real-time manufacturing data across manufacturing execution processes and complex, heterogeneous, multiplant environments helps increase uptime, control maintenance costs and react more quickly.

attune Fashion Suite™ delivers a pre-configured manufacturing template to accelerate implementation with less migration effort, cost and risk. With our accelerated approach, deep industry expertise, and add-on tools, Apparel, Footwear and Fashion Manufacturers can seamlessly transition to a single platform for real-time collaboration, insights and action.

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Pre-built Functionality to Support Multiple Apparel and
Footwear Manufacturing OEM Business Models

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Make to Order

Goods are produced specifically for a customer order and shipped through a distribution centre. Cutting and sewing takes place at the same manufacturing facility.

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Cut and Sew in Separate Plants

Goods are produced for a forecast or specific customer order; cutting and sewing takes place at different manufacturing facilities. Forecast quantities are consumed when customers place orders.

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Subcontracting a Partial Quantity to a Vendor

Goods are produced for a forecast or specific customer order partially in-house and the balance is subcontracted to a third party vendor for manufacturing and delivery to the factory. Forecast quantities are consumed when customers place orders.

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First Sale for Export (FSFE) Model

Declare the goods to Customs using the 'first sale', which is the transaction between the manufacturer and the vendor, which excludes the vendor's markup, thereby lowering the customs value of the goods and the amount of duties payable.

attune Add-on Tools and Accelerators built for
the Fashion Manufacturing Industry

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Critical Path Manager

Interactive tool for managing Time & Action calendar, based on color-coded traffic light mechanism to monitor timeliness of critical activities. Automatic update of dates enables tight monitoring to help minimize delays.

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Pre-Order Cost Manager

Interactive tool facilitating pre-order costing of an article (style, customer, etc) to assess if a style is profitable prior to accepting an order.

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Master Data Accelerator

Convenient, fast and accurate maintenance of large fashion master data, with proper authorization for each department, leveraging integrated data from existing/legacy systems.

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Sales Order Upload Automation

Automated creation of sales orders based on customer information via excel template upload functionality; compatible with OCR scanning and enables interface to End Customer Order systems.

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Bundle Barcode Scanning

Barcode creation and allocation for Production-Kits bundles to track production by scanning barcodes and recording quality per bundle.

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Production Status Report

Generate the Production Status Report online, with up-to-date information from SAP and eliminate manual collection of data.

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Q² Fashion Quality Management Solution™

Mobile quality management application, designed to help manufacturers effectively manage quality control processes, gain real-time visibility by digitizing quality audits, and manage assignments of quality inspectors.

Day-In-a-Life Manufacturing Flow with attune Fashion Suite™

Manufacturing Flow with attune Fashion Suite

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Case Study
Honey Lady Achieves Greater Visibility in 10 months

See how we built a comprehensive solution, which helped address Honey Lady's highly specific requirements for aggressive growth, higher-level of control over manufacturing processes and data consistency across all functions.

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Trusted Advisor to the Fashion Manufacturing Industry

Continuous collaboration
with SAP on their Fashion Solutions

Close collaboration and co-innovation with SAP's on their fashion product development including continuous feedback based on validation testing.

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65+ Global Fashion Implementations

Extensive knowledge and involvement in the SAP ecosystem, being involved in almost 70% of all current SAP Fashion projects.

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Go-to partner for SAP in the Fashion Manufacturing industry

Called into project escalations by SAP due to our deep partnership and exclusive focus on the fashion and lifestyle industry.

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