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SAP Customer Activity Repository

Know and Retain Your Customers with a 360° View & Predictive Analytics

SAP Customer Activity Repository (CAR) is designed to consolidate customer, sales and inventory data in real-time for a comprehensive and more accurate analysis. Become a truly digital enterprise and turn these insights into tangible results.

deep fashion know-how
Deep understanding of the fashion industry with solutions are exclusively designed to address Fashion and Lifestyle business needs.
Integration to S/4HANA
Experience in integrating S/4HANA for Fashion and C/4HANA with SAP CAR to create a single system to manage wholesale, retail, manufacturing and e-Commerce.
Tailored Approach
Designed to help fashion companies deliver consistent, relevant and exceptional shopping experiences across every channel with minimized risk, faster time-to-market and better ROI.

Consolidating Customer Data for a Personalized, Consistent Customer Experience

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Single Version of the Truth

Removes any data redundancy and replication by consolidating multiple data sources into a single database to support all ‘consuming applications’ that leverage CAR.

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Real-time Inventory Transparency

Gain a single, real-time version of stock-based truth for improved cross-channel planning and fulfillment.

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On-shelf Availability

Detect and visualize out-of-shelf situations as they happen and take immediate action to prevent out-of-stocks and lost sales.

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Demand Forecasting and Pricing

Generate a unified demand forecast for all channels for an improved assortment and replenishment strategy.

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Multichannel Sales Analysis in Real Time

Optimize processes and interactions with other departments for improved promotions, marketing offers, and in-store engagement.

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Customer Insight and Social Intelligence

Gain a 360-degree view of your customers for personalized brand experiences and superior customer satisfaction, retention and loyalty.

Why attune for SAP CAR

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Proven Practices

We utilize industry best practices and breakthrough business insights to uncover the full potential of SAP Customer Activity Repository for your business.

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Customized Solutions

Ability to build omni-channel customer engagement and commerce applications with customized reporting dashboards for better insights and analytics.

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Unparalleled SAP Knowledge

Our deep expertise in SAP applications over the last 12+ years ensures you benefit from our experience in SAP CAR discovery, road map and implementation capabilities that align with your business objectives.

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Proof of Concept Development

Our Proof of Concept services are designed to demonstrate the power of SAP CAR , showcasing its key features such as ‘360-degree’ view customer reporting and real-time inventory visibility.

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